Social Grocery r

The team is made of regular volunteers who have previously held various responsibilities in business or public services and associations. They are often committed in other associations and can thus keep in touch with charities, social centers and most deprived persons.

The team is currently composed of ten "regular volunteers":


  • Patrick ALIX (Secretary General)
  • Teddy JOLIY (Finance and accounting)
  • Hugues de FINANCE (Private parternships)
  • Vincent GUILBERT (Priavate parternships)
  • Jean Marie STANDAERT (EU relations)
  • Yesim BROET (Privat partnerships, food industry)
  • ElizaMaree POWER (Graphic Design)
  • Carolina DIAZ-LöNBORG (Communications consultant)
  • Gérard CARNET (Administration and management)
  • Muriel MARVEAUX (Legal)

FEBA also benefits from occasional volunteers for translation services, communications consulting, development and maintenance of websites.