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Who we are - Governance


The European Food Banks Federation (FEBA) is a non-profit organization based in Brussels, Belgium.

The 24 country members (early 2018) constitutes the General Assembly of FEBA.

Once every three years, their representatives elect the members of the Board of Directors.

Then the directors elect the president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary. 

Our Secretary General is Angela Frigo, based in Brussels, Belgium. 

The composition of the Board of Directors is the following:

  • Mr Jacques VANDENSCHRIK (Belgium) - President 
  • Mr Jacques Bailet (France) - Vice-President 
  • Mr Tom HILLEMANS (Netherlands) - Trasurer
  • Ms Karen-Inger Thorsen (Denmark) - Secretary
  • Mr Balazs CSEH (Hungary)  
  • Mr Jochen Brühl (Germany)
  • Ms Malgorzata Lelonkiewicz (Poland)
  • Mr Marco Lucchini (Italy)
  • Mr Pedro Castaños Ruiz (Spain)

The Board of Directors nominates the Secretary General who leads the organization and manages the team

The annual financial accounts of FEBA are certified by an external audit firm

External auditors 

FEBA annual financial accounts are audited by:

THIEULLOY et Associés
4 rue Catulle Mendès
75017 Paris

Phone : 01 44 08 64 08
email : cabinet@thieulloy.fr