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What we do - Activities and Impact



FEBA conducts three core activities, all of them aiming at adding value to the work of its membership:


We measure the impact of the network along a few key indicators. Figures are for 2018.

Alleviate food insecurity by distributing 781,000 tons of food products, the equivalent to 4.3 million meals each day, to 9.3 million most deprived people, through the collaboration with 45,700 charitable organizations.

In 2018 the food was collected from different sources: recovery of surplus food, especially from the manufacturing and retail sectors (66%), FEAD (21%), food collections (7%) and EU and national withdrawn produce (6%).

But also much for than that. Food banks create value for:

  • end beneficiaries who are saving money as a result of getting food from our charity members.
  • partner charities which save money and time, by receiving food for free, which they instead can re-direct to improving their services to the people they support. Food banks often offer them training.
  • companies which donate products, food banks give them the opportunity to reduce the costly disposal of their surpluses with its negative impact on the environment and on their reputation.
  • communities they live in, food banks encourage the involvement of volunteers and deliver social cohesion by facilitating cooperation between public and private organizations.