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BREAKFAST on BREAKFAST: starting the day feeding the body and the heart


An event hosted by the English MEP John Procter

On 20 November the MEP John Procter, who is member of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, organized a special meeting about the importance of BREAKFAST during a tasty BREAKFAST.

As speakers we had Louise Dye, Professor of Nutrition & Behaviour at the University of Leeds; Milka Sokolovic from the European Food Information Council and Angela Frigo, Secretary General of the European Food Banks Federation.

Although it may be evident that we need a lot of calories at the beginning of the day, the first two presentations showed the importance of breakfast for the human body from a scientific approach. Especially Milka Sokolovic pointed out that nutrition and diet are an essential part of our life and furthermore another crucial issue is that we have to know how to inform people in a correct way. Therefore, in relation to nutrition and food, communication is the key element to link scientific results and the behavior of citizens because misinformation is often due to the news on the web and social media.

Speaking about issues related to malnutrition, undernourishment and the absence of breakfast, Angela Frigo presented the activities of the Danish Food Banks which consists in providing surplus food for breakfast to the most deprived, in particular young people. The intervention presented the development of Breakfast Clubs in Denmark: an increase from 2 in 2014 to 24 in 2018 in the most disadvantaged areas of this country, as the Sealand Region. The provision of breakfast to students coming from families in need has showed a huge improvement in the concentration in class and better results at the exams. There is a clear correlation between a good nutrition during the morning and a better education. Moreover, at school there are less conflicts and the environment between students and teacher is much more positive. Students are happy to go to school and are on time: “I like to spend time with my friends, when we are having breakfast” said one of the students.

This event was a good opportunity, also thanks to the example of the Danish Food Bank, not only to explain the crucial task of the food bank to fight against hunger and food waste but also to show how a simple action as having breakfast can have a concrete impact on the future of young generations.

Watch the video of the project here.

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