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How long after the “best before” date?


Tafel Deutschland, our German member, has released a new poster as part of a broader campaign addressing the “best before” date. It struck a nerve on social media with over 10.000 shares within 10 hours!

The poster came from a publication from Wiener Tafel, our Austrian member. Tafel Deutschland, has updated it and now Wiener Tafel is planning on adapting the new poster as well to release it again.

This handy visual helps people determine how long certain foods are still enjoyable beyond their best before date. It is a quick reference intended to be used by members and charities supported with food by the Tafel, but it has proven to be interesting for a lot of organizations that are in contact with end consumers.

The poster is part of a broader campaign to reform the rules influencing food waste. The Tafel is demanding more educational measures regarding the “best before” and “use by” dates, relaxing of aesthetic norms used on fruits and vegetables (which have no expiration dates) and a more differentiated approach as regards the application of best before dates for non-perishables, dairy products and highly perishable products.

Currently the position paper is only available in German, but check out Tafel website at the end of the year for flyers on the topic in multiple languages.

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