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Brussels Wednesday Social


Can the European Union still fulfil its promises of democracy, prosperity and open societies?

On 21 November there was a conference about the “Open society, World economy and protectionism” organized by METRO and sponsored by the European movement international, EuroCommerce and ForumEurope

The meeting took place in a majestic building (Concert Noble) in the heart of the European neighbourhood in Brussels. The speakers invited came from all over the world but also from several institutions, federation and companies: Word Trade Organizations, Financial Times, European Environmental Bureau, European Trade Union Confederation and several others.

As members and citizens of the European Union the target was to reaffirm the importance and the values of the free trade, plural society and international cooperation because the current mistrust in the international institutions, the rise of the nationalism and populism and last but not the least the spectre of the protectionism bring a challenge to the current system. The organizations as the European movement international would face these issues in order to reaffirm the democratic, European and liberal values that underlie to our economic system. 

The conference was divided in two main panels. The fist was about the differences between Open Society and the Protectionism while the second panel was focused on the strong incompatibility between World economy and Protectionism. As a background of the discussions there was the warning for the consequences of the tariffs and economic war brought by the protectionism. 

For sure it was an interesting meeting and a good opportunity to focus one more time on the current situation and the problematic involved.
If we would defend the Europe and its values we have to mobilise ourselves and take care more than now about its future.

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