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Circular Social Benefits: the contribution of European Food Banks to Circular Economy


On 28 November the Italian MEP Simona Bonafé (S&D) organized a meeting at the European Parliament: “Does the Circular Economy affect the corporate performance and reputation? The answer of the European enterprises”.

The first part of the conference consisted in a presentation, about a scientific study on the relation between Circular Economy and enterprises, made by Laura Gavinelli (CRIET University) in collaboration with Ipsos Public Affairs represented by Andrea Alemanno. The heart of the research analyses how the correlation between the corporate activities and their sustainable and ecological approach can have a positive impact on the performance in the market and bring an excellent reputation vis-à-vis consumers. Speaking about consumers Andrea Alemanno pointed out that there is a current change of views in the people and industries: there is more awareness and willingness to foster a Green and Sustainable Economy.

This section was followed by an effective round table moderated by Marco Lucchini (Secretary General of Banco Alimentare, Italia) and a successful contribution from Angela Frigo, Secretary General of FEBA. Successful because was an opportunity to show our good example and best practice of Circular Economy (an innate concept in our commitment) and to take part to the discussion as a fundamental partner alongside companies, public authorities and researchers in the implementation of Circular Economy.

Circular economy is innate in our vision. FEBA plays a unique role in the context of food waste prevention and redistribution for human consumption, but there is also another process that is the “circular social benefits” that our activities bring to society. If the prevention of food waste can have a mainly economic and environmental impact, the redistribution of food helps people in need and favor them in the social inclusion and last but not least the intermediate role between companies, public authorities and charitable organizations help to develop virtuous network of social and sustainable benefits.

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