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Food collections: a wave of European solidarity to support people in need


Every year, around end of November/early December many FEBA members organize their national food collections in collaboration with retailers.

While raising public awareness about the activity of Food Banks and food poverty in their country, food collections enable Food Banks to get food which they usually do not receive as surplus and thus to complement the range of nutritious products they can redistribute to charities. These food collections are only made possible by the collaboration of thousands of supermarkets and retailers and by the mobilization of thousands of volunteers who inform and encourage customers to buy and donate products to the Food Banks.

Looking at France, Italy, Portugal and Spain, thousands of volunteers during one or two days managed to receive about 42,500 tons of food!

A big thank you to all the volunteers and all those citizens who decided to donate something to Food Banks!

The results per country:

  • Albania – October (around WFD): 800 kilos of food were collected in 7 local markets.
  • Austria – 1 Dec: The food collection was a pilot and took place in Vienna area. 6.8 tons of durable goods were collected in 16 LIDL stores, with the help of 150 volunteers. After the food collection, LIDL decided to add 5.6 tons of food for the Food Banks.
  • Belgium – from 18 to 24 Oct: 580.258 euros were collected. With this money, the Food Banks will choose food that they need in the Delhaize shops. This amount represents more than 200.000 meals. 
  • Czech Republic – 10 Nov: over 320 tons of food were collected, which is equivalent to over half a million meals.
  • France – from 30 Nov to 2 Dec: 11,000 tons of food were collected, which represents 22 million meals. This was possible thanks to 130,000 volunteers active in 9,000 collect points around the country.
  • Hungary – from 23 to 25 Nov: 284 tons of food were collected in about 210 stores (Tesco, Aldi, Metro, Auchan), with the help of 5,000 volunteers.
  • Italy – 24 Nov: 8,350 tons of food were donated during the collection. This will allow the Food Banks to distribute 16.7 million meals. In addition, the Malta Food Bank Foundation visited and participated in the food collection in Catania, thanks to the Associazione Banco Alimentare della Sicilia Occidentale, in order to learn how it works and replicate the same event next year in Malta. Read the press release (in Italian)
  • Luxembourg: In this country, food collections are organized all along the year, mostly by Lions clubs. The total of collected food in 2018 is 64 tons.
  • Portugal – 1 and 2 Dec: 2,146 tons of food were collected thanks to the help of 42,000 volunteers in 2,000 stores. The President of the Portuguese Republic - Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa - and the President of Cape Verde - Jorge Carlos Fonseca - helped as volunteers.
  • Serbia – from 12 to 14 Oct: 32 associations collected 8,253 kilos of food in 87 Delhaize markets located in 15 cities of the country.
  • Slovakia – from 22 to 24 Nov in Tesco shops: 147 tons of food and cosmetics were collected in chain stores, which is worth 210 thousand euros.
    On 26 November, another collection was organized in collaboration with INTESA VUB Bank: 340 kilos of food were collected in 10 bank premises.
  • Spain – from 30 Nov to 1 Dec: 21,000 tons of food were collected, thanks to 120,000 volunteers across Spain. Read the press release (in Spanish)
  • Switzerland – from 23 to 24 Nov: 161 tons of food and hygiene stuffs were collected thanks to 1,100 volunteers. The annual total for Switzerland is 308 tons, which is a new record. Read the press release (in French)

To read the press release about the 6th International Food Collection organized with Carrefour Foundation, click here.

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