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A member from FEBA visited Austria’s Tafel to discuss its organization and food banks. It was a very interesting meeting.

On the 15th and 16th of September, Gérard Alix, a member of FEBA’s team went to Austria to meet Wiener’s Tafel staff and examine with its managers whether their model is the same as a food bank. 

 This involved a visit of Tafel, the examination of different documents and discussions on good practices in product recovery and the fight against food waste.

Viena's Tafel

Founded in 1999, the Tafel distributed 500 tons of products to 105 charitable organizations in 2014 without benefiting from the FEAD program.

Two others Food Banks

A meeting was then organised with the President and the Austria Tafel Federation’s board. In addition to Wiener’s Tafel, two others began their activity following the food banks’ model. Flachgauer Tafeln which collected, in 2015, 15 tons to 20 charities supporting 2000 people and Klagenfurt Taflen which collected more or less 10 tons to 16 charities.

The objective of the Federation is to reach the whole country. As such, the discussion dealt with the role of the federation and its organization and the interest of integrating the European federation.

Involvement of Austrian government

As the Austrian government wants to be more involved in the fight against food waste, this was a central point of the talks.
Additionally, a meeting with the office of the State Secretary nearby the Chancellor allowed to present the work of the European Commission and various governments’ members of the EU in cooperation (non-exclusive) with the Food Banks.

This very constructive visit took place with a confident approach and in a serious and sympathetic atmosphere. To be continued...