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image001 1Dear fellow food banker,

As we enter the second half of 2017, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your dedication to our common mission: reducing food waste, hunger, social exclusion and green house gas emissions in Europe.

Collaborating for solidarity 

I also want to briefly share with you the mission we have at FEBA, and why we believe in its benefits for all members, partners and project countries.

FEBA (European Federation of Food Banks) is a support-, development and advocacy network. It is a major resource for developing food banks.

Our mission is to promote, support and develop food banking across Europe and to represent European food banking interests wherever this is required. How do we do this?


  • Communicates about food banks at EU level by being part of various stakeholder groups on food waste reduction in the EU (EU Platform on Food Losses and Waste, the CAP and FEAD Platform). We are in constant dialogue with the various Directorates of the European Union to ensure that issues close to the interest of food banking are on the agenda
  • Develops food banks in new countries, by providing assistance and consulting on logistics, partnerships and volunteer recruiting. Funding is also provided in specific short term cases.
  • Supports existing food banks by providing new knowledge, best practices dissemination through peer-to-peers visits, training sessions and annual conventions and soon to come improved presence on social networks.

FEBA’s network includes 28 countries: 23 members, 4 projects and 1 partner. This letter is for each food banker in our network. Some of you may want to know more about FEBA and its impact on your extremely valuable work.


To you and your 16 000 colleagues in Europe, who daily contribute to our amazing role in society, I wish you all a dynamic autumn.



Jacques Vandenschrik, President of FEBA


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