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banq-alim-angers-73-smallFrom April 25th to 27th 2014, the European Federation of Food Banks invites the Food Banks of 26 European countries to Lyon. The meeting will be hosted by the French Federation of Food Banks and the Rhone Food Bank.

1984 - 2014: 30 years of FoodBanking in Europe.

On March 13th 1984, in an article entitled "I'm hungry" published in the daily newspaper La Croix, Sister Cécile Bigo denounced the scandal of poverty coexisting with food waste. Following this call for help, Bernard Dandrel and the 5 founding organizations (Secours Catholique, Emmaüs, Armée du Salut, Entraide d'Auteuil and Entraide Protestante) launched the first Food Bank in France. 30 years later, the European Federation of Food Banks is paying tribute to this initiative. 256 Food Banks in 21 countries in Europe are still fighting against hunger and food waste in Europe by the call for giving and sharing.

Looking for new sources of supplies?

During the two and a half days of the Annual Meeting, 80 Food Bank representatives, current or potential members of FEBA, will exchange on food sourcing from local market. Existing practices will be reviewed and discussions will define best practices to increase recovery of products from retailers, growers, fruits and vegetables wholesale markets as well as canteens. Other topics to be discussed include how to transform fresh products into longer time conservation products so as to facilitate their use by people in need as well as how to integrate the most deprived people in the tasks of collecting and processing?

Launch of the "Ideas that feed" website

In order to promote the Food Banks' mission and initiatives, FEBA has developed a global website,, in partnership with GFN (Global Foodbanking Network) and with the sponsorship from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. All Food Banks around the world, linked to FEBA or GFN, can present and share their actions, ideas and experiences to fight food waste to feed people in need. "Ideas that Feed" website will also be open to the public so as to spread the idea of fighting food waste to feed people in need and also to mobilize volunteers. It will be linked to Facebook.

FEBA: Founded in 1986, at the initiative of the French and Belgian federations, the European Federation of Food Banks brings together 256 food banks in 21 countries in Europe. In 2013, 804 million meals (402 000 tons of food), were distributed to 5,7 million people in partnership with 31 000 organizations and social centers, thanks to the work of 14 000 people among which 13 000 volunteers.

The French Federation of Food Banks: For 30 years, the French Food Banks have been fighting against food waste and food insecurity. No food product is bought and nearly 60 % of supplies come from saved products. 4 900 volunteers and 450 employees work every day to distribute through its network of 5300 partner organizations, the equivalent of 186 million meals in 2013.