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From São Paulo to Beijing, Carrefour is working alongside its Foundation in 10 countries for the 2nd international food collection.

Having turned food into a means of tackling exclusion, the Carrefour Foundation is organising its second international food collection campaign, with support from the European Federation of Food Banks and The Global FoodBanking Network.

  • logo fec CMJN 2014 CMJN-300dpi-314x68From Paris to Beijing, São Paulo to Taipei... and everywhere from Warsaw to Buenos Aires via Milan, Madrid, Bucharest and Brussels, teams from the 10 countries in which the Group operates (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, and – for the first time – China and Taiwan) will pool all of their energy and resources into helping the people in greatest need.
  • In the 3000 or so stores which have signed up to the initiative, customers, volunteers and Carrefour employees are all being called upon to take part in the challenge and beat last year's results of 9 million meals collected.

From São Paulo to Beijing, nearly 3000 Carrefour stores involved in 10 different countries.

The collection campaign started in Belgium on November 17th and then in Taiwan on November 19th. Then on November 28th and 29th the Carrefour teams will be joined by their colleagues from 8 other countries: Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Italy, Poland, Romania and Spain.

In stores, several hundred volunteer Carrefour employees will be working out in the field, lending their support to Food Bank workers and helping to raise customer awareness, as well as receiving and sorting product donations. The foodstuffs collected at store checkouts will then be redirected to warehouses for redistribution by the Food Banks to various associations which help people in need.

Carrefour, partner of the Food Banks every day since 1994.

Carrefour has been a partner of the Food Banks on a daily basis since 1994. Indeed, alongside these collection campaigns, Carrefour also donates foodstuffs to various associations on a daily basis – fresh products in particular. The equivalent of 77 million meals were distributed in 2013 throughout the world, Carrefour is also the leading private donor to Food Banks in France.

The retailer also draws on its core business, sharing its expertise: Carrefour France's Supply Chain team shares its expertise as a logistics specialist with the Food Banks through the provision of some 20 hours of skills sponsorship. The aim is to optimise the way in which warehouses are managed and orders prepared.

Furthermore the Carrefour Foundation provides the Food Banks with logistics support: it gives local branches vehicles for transporting products – including fresh products – and cold rooms for storing them. In 2014, a donation of €232,000 enabled the purchase of 12 vehicles in France and equipped the association's local branch. Since 1994, Carrefour has financed the purchase of 182 machines for Food Banks across the world, including 143 refrigerated vehicles, 18 cold rooms, cold storage containers etc.

About the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA) Founded in 1986, the European Federation of Food Banks brings together 256 Food Banks in Europe, which fight daily against hunger and food waste. In 2013, the European Food Banks distributed 402 000 tons of food equivalent to 804 million meals, to 5,7 million people in partnership with 31 000 charities and social services.

About The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) The Global FoodBanking Network is a global not-for-profit organisation dedicated to alleviating world hunger through food banking. GFN creates, supports and strengthens food banks and food bank networks around the world, in countries other than the US. GFN currently supports existing and developing food banks and national food bank networks in more than 30 countries, home to more than one-third of the world's 800 million undernourished people. Read more:

About the Carrefour Foundation. Created in 2000, the Carrefour Foundation fulfils its international mission as a public interest organisation by implementing aid programmes aimed at those in greatest need, while drawing on its vocation as a retailer. Thanks to the expertise of teams from the Carrefour Group, the Foundation works along two main lines of intervention: food aid and emergency humanitarian aid. With a budget of 6.5 million euros, the Carrefour Foundation financed 48 projects in 2013 in 9 countries. Read more: