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Tafel's team visited from Germany to discuss with FEBA staff the priorities for 2015.

The German Tafel and FEBA met on the 9th and 10th of February 2015 after having signed a parnership agreement in April 2014 at the annual general assembly in Lyon.

At the invitation of FEBA's president Isabel Jonet, the Chairperson of the Tafel, Jochen Brühl, along with two members of their team Anna Verres (Fundraising and Communication) and Ryan Harty (Europe/International/Networking), came to Paris to exchange cooperation and best practice ideas as well as their priorities for the year ahead.

During their time in Paris, they also met with Marice Lony, President of the French Federation of Food Banks and members of the BAPIF during a visit in Arcueil, near Paris.