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After a tough selection, Fondazione Banco Alimentare ONLUS came out as one of the winners. A film will be shown in Expo Milan 2015 among other activities.

The International Selection Committee of Expo Milan 2015 "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" has selected 18 projects under the title "Best Sustainable Development Practices". Between the 786 proposals submitted, 362 were from Europe- amongst them, 2 have won the title.

The Italian project, submitted by Fondazione Banco Alimentare ONLUS with the support of FEBA and other partners, entitled "Food Is a Resource to Secure Tangible Assistance and Inclusion to the Deprived" was the winner in the category "Food consumption patterns, society, economy and health".

A film in Pavillion Zero

Five projects, including Italy's, will be shown in a film produced by Expo Milano 2015 in Pavilion Zero, developed in collaboration with the United Nations, for the 6 month duration of the exhibition. The other thirteen will be illustrated through photographic series. This will provide a wonderful opportunity for Food Banks to raise awareness about the rescue of edible food surplus to support people in need. The film will be seen by millions of visitors to Expo Milano.

Prince Albert of Monaco, as President of the International Selection Committee mentioned that "improving food security and eliminating hunger are feasible goals. And sharing Best Practices which allow a truly 'enduring' food production is no less important".