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Photo Visite VienneOn March 16 and 17, two FEBA member team visited the Wiener Tafel (Vienna Food Bank) and the Austrian Food Banks Association in Vienna. This was the first meeting with them since the Wiener Tafel had been agreed as member of FEBA. 

The president of the Wiener Tafel BoD, The general manager of the Wiener Tafel, the deputy secretary of the Austrian Food Banks Association and the vice-president of the Austrians Food Banks Association were present. The Wiener Tafel activities have been explained, the main specificity of which is to be organised with a small storage capacity, thus distributing the food directly to the associations mainly. Other important points are the high number of refugees to be taken care of (100 000 in total for Austria, a percentage similar to Germany) and the strength of Caritas and the Red Cross as relief organisations.

The Austrian Federation counts 6 food banks in Austria, against 3 one year ago. The target is to be present in each of the 9 Austrian counties, against 5 today.
It has been globally a very fruitful meeting by which all participants have been the possibility to better know each other and look forward to better cooperation.