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skills sharing buda 4bAccording to the most recent EU-FUSION study, it is estimated that the food service sector accounts (Hotel, Restaurants and Catering/Canteens) for 12% of the total edible food wasted every year in the EU, which is more than 6 million tons.
The recovery of prepared food with high nutritional value from many outlets, often small, coupled with regulatory issues presents many challenges for food banks, their volunteers and the associations they serve, this is the reason why the recovery rate is currently so low.

As an expert of the rescuing of prepared food, the Hungarian Food Bank Association organized a skill sharing session attended by nine food bankers from five country members in Budapest, in mid-June with the support of Cargill. The Italian SITICIBO manager was also able to share her experience with the participants.

The participants were lead through the detailed and modelled processes embedding all the aspects: analysis of the potential, legal and regulatory context, relation with donors and associations and operations. The lectures proposed a very convincing framework, that is replicable in various contexts and scales.
Also the visit of a partner association involved in such operations illustrated the reality and the efficiency relevance of this process.
A great opportunity for sharing on the ground experience with the goal to provide more quality food to the most deprived people!