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feba presentationWe came, we learned and we shared skills

On October 3rd, we kicked off a 4-day training session, on the necessary steps to develop and manage a food bank. The session was hosted by the Lombardy food bank (Milan, Italy) in collaboration with the Fondazione Banco Alimentare in Milan, Italy.

Food Banking from A-Z

18 food bankers coming from 11 countries attended the session. These were: Austria, Albania, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Hungary,

Poland, Romania Slovakia and Spain. Eleven experts from two hosting teams presented the various modules and shared their experience with participants. A visit to the Lombardy food bank's booth at the national wholesale market and of a partner charity were also part of the program.

We were happy to see from the evaluations, that all participants expressed a high level of satisfaction with the training session.

A big thank you to the Lombardy food bank and the Italian Fondazione Banco Alimentare and for the insightful presentations and their hospitality.

Fondation Carrefour

The session was made possible thanks to the generous funding from the Carrefour Foundation and we had the chance to welcome a presentation by Flavia Mare, Quality and CSR manager of Carrefour Italy who presented the company's strategy to reduce hunger and waste, as well as the role food banks can play in this process.

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