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bbcOn December 12th, the BBC radio show "The Food Chain" aired an episode about the growing role of food banks in Europe.

During the 30 minute program, host Manuela Saragosa, asks FEBA's Secretary General what is more important: reducing hunger or reducing food waste?

The perfect match

The answer is both. Every year 23 million tons of edible food* is wasted along the supply chain, excluding the food wasted by households, which is enough to feed approximately 60 million people . At the same time, the most recent statistics show that 43 million Europeans cannot afford a decent meal every second day**. Food banks bridge these two issues, and in addtion, provide a solution for people, who are temporarily in need, to get back on their feet, become an agent in their own lives and begin contributing to society once more. Listen to the complete broadcast here:


Sources: *EU Fusions March 2016 **Eurostat