Social Grocery r

BabyMe V02 1In early January, the FEBA team received an urgent call from the Danish food bank. One of their loyal donors, Arla Foods, had two truck loads of baby food, with a expiry date by April 2017, which they wanted to donate and deliver to food banks

Mission: food recovery

The Danish Food Bank did not have the need, nor the capacity, to store such quantity and therefore called upon the FEBA network to find a solution. The FEBA team quickly contacted potential recipients, and after several e-mails and phone calls, it was the Belgian Food Bank who offered to receive the 66 pallets of surplus babyfood. There were many food banks interested in receiving the surplus, as baby food is in high demand, so the choice was based on which food bank reacted first to the offer.

Arla's social responsibility

As one of the largest dairy companies in the world, Arla Foods, takes its social responsability seriously, and is committed to reducing food waste and hunger. Collaborating with food banks to reduce food waste and ensure that high quality products ca benefit people in need, is therefore an important part of reaching this goal. "Obviously, we would prefer not to collaborate with food banks, because that would mean we had not surplus of goods. But being the fourth largest dairy company in the world, there will unavoidable be situations where we are left with products, we are not able to sell" says Arla's Head of Corporate Social Responsability, Irene Quist Mortensen.