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fead platform On September 21st, FEBA’s Secretary General attended the 7th meeting of the FEAD Network hosted by EU - DG Employment “Preventing food waste through FEAD actions” as a panellist during the opening session alongside the Spanish Red Cross.

He acknowledged that being a Partner Organization of FEAD receiving predictable quantities of selected products provided the opportunity to develop the recovery of large food surplus for social purpose and credibility to partner with food corporations. He invited charities to partner with food banks to rescue foodstuffs from medium size stores. He also advocated that distributing organizations should receive funding to be able to recover more surplus food for the benefit of the most deprived people, underlining however that not all charitable organizations can sustainably and safely handle large quantities of food.

The FEAD Network is a productive platform to bring together public, private and non-profit stakeholders working in domains of food security, food surplus collection and social inclusion.