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banc dels alimentsOn September 13th-14th, three managers from the Caen food bank, visited the Barcelona food bank, in the frame of the FEBA peer visit program implementedwith the support of the Kellogg company.

The visit started with a mutual presentation of the key characteristics and impact figures of the two food banks. During the visit several learning points stood out replicable best practices. Among them were:

  • Online donation of food products: The website of Barcelona food bank has a specific page for donating food products. The products are listed and each have an icon and unit price. The donor can thus click and choose how many or which of each products he/she wishes to buy online for the food bank.
  • Pro bono collaboration with local media: Local media regularly donate “unsold” add-, or article coverage space for the Barcelona food bank. This means that the food bank gets regular and widespread PR throughout the region, which is a huge bonus for recruiting volunteers and attracting corporate partners.
  • Webpage dedicated to annual in-store food drive: Every year the food bank mobilizes 20.000 volunteers for the annual in-store food drive, and this is partly due to the separate website dedicated to inform an enable volunteers to join the food drive.
  • Transformation of fruits and vegetables: The food bank works with two local transformation plants, for transforming surplus fruits and vegetables into juices.


Feedback from participants on both sides was very positive.