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Visits to members

FEBA team members conducted four visits in September to Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Macedonia. 

IMG 1751The Austrian association of Tafeln and the Wiener Tafel

The national organization comprises now 8 food banks / Tafel throughout the country learning to work together and build an inclusive network.

The Wiener Tafel opened a “Tafelhaus” in the Wien wholesale market during summer, a major step to increase the recovery of fresh products and their pick up by partner charities. 

The Czech Federation of Food Banks

The Federation brings together 14 food banks across the country and strong development is expected for the whole year with the start of the FEAD program distribution. Public funding has been obtained for three years for capacity building in each food bank. A new food waste law similar to the French one is due to come into force early 2018.

At date, the network food banks support 231 partner charities, who serve 24 000 beneficiaries every month.

IMG 1709The Slovakian Food Bank

The Slovakian Food Bank consists of 15 distribution centres in three regions of the country, including one central food bank in Kosice. Strong growth is expected again this year with increased quantity of FEAD products and more surplus recovered. Today the Slovakian Food Bank provides food to 115 partner charities.

The third and last phase of the refurbishing of the central warehouse of Borcova made possible thanks to the Unilever multiyear grant is now finished and fully in operation. We look forward to following this Slovakian success story. 



Food Bank Macedonia « Food for All ».

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev 2 1The finding of regular food suppliers is still an uphill battle, but the infrastructure for launching the food bank is coming into place, partly thanks to a FEBA/Unilever donation which funded the rent of a new warehouse in Skopje in 2017.

During the visit our FEBA representative had a chance to meet and greet the Prime Minister of Macedonia, Zoran Zaev.