Social Grocery r

9 tons of food is a lot to collect, store and redistribute to 51 charities every day. This is the amount received at Partage, the food bank in Geneva. Luckily, the food bank has recently developed an effective solution to simplifying the process of scanning and storing the products  while updating the product database.

The “DIM.Pen” is a digital pen, equipped with a small camera which scans the bar code on the product, and automatically uploads the information into Partage’s database. The information is thus immediately available to all 51 charities, who can quickly reserve and plan their reception of the food.

The development of the “DIM.PEN” has already enabled the food bank to distribute goods one day earlier (on average), than before the arrival of the “DIM.PEN”. This optimisation of resources and digital tools is result of efficient ideas brought from the banking sector: “When I arrived, we did not have any online tools to manage our stocks” says deputy director, Hubert Pinier. Read the full article on the innovation and social inclusion at Partage here