Social Grocery r

109762 ThinkstockPhotos 502869178 copyIn July the EU Commission published its summary report on the impact of the implementation of the national operational programmes co-funded by FEAD in 2015.

EUR 388 million was paid in 2015 with most payments going to food support operations (98 %). 409 000 tonnes of food  were distributed  contributing to the provision of  47 million meals to over 14 million people in the EU through various types of food aid programmes. The most common accompanying measure to promote social inclusion of the most deprived people remains the provision of information and referral to competent social services.

The report recognizes that the definition of reported most deprived persons varies among Member States and lists a couple of challenges met my distributing organization. It re-affirms in its conclusion the specific role of the program which is “Given the limited resources of the FEAD, [its specific role is] to alleviate poverty and promote social inclusion, including by creating links with other available services. In this way the fund may be the first step on a pathway away from poverty.” Report from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament ″